Pictures In TRIM

Pictures In TRIM 1.2

Import pictures from cameras, mobile phones and file directories
1.2 (See all)

Import pictures from cameras, mobile phones and file directories.
Centralised configuration allows control of rapidly increasing storage requirements for pictures. Configurations are stored in TRIM to permit instant access to all that need them. A wizard guides administrators through metadata extraction, watermark imprinting and compression definition.
Automatically finds containers for records using GPS co-ordinates or from barcodes extracted from the incoming pictures. Normal TRIM record entry forms are available. Also, metadata can be extracted from photograph or from its container to reduce user time and increase accuracy.
View pictures stored in TRIM as Thumbnails, in a Film Strip or Preview Mode.
Normal TRIM searches enable users to find the documents they want and quickly access the ones they need via Thumbnails.
The large number of applications that permit thumbnails will show in our navigator pane including AutoCAD, MS Office and PDF’s.
Small thumbnails (3-5 KB) provide rapid viewing even with low network bandwidth. Large thumbnails can be created for showings pictures on the web.
Now you can search for TRIM records using their GPS co-ordinates. Just select a record with GPS metadata or type in a place name, specify a search radius along with any other TRIM search criteria and you will find the records nearby.
Reporting and exporting tools provide easy communication of picture information.
Pictures, thumbnails and configurations are stored in TRIM and accessible everywhere.

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